mardi 14 juin 2011

The First Lady of Song

There are several American traits the French love to grouse about - chain restaurants like McDonald's that perpetuate fast, processed food, the arrogance of American foreign policy, the hegenomy of American popular culture, etc.  But America is also admired, not the least for our efforts liberating France in 1944, but also for our incredible national parks, for our (at times) dynamic economy, for our universities, for our voluntarism - there are several others.  A special French regard is reserved for that uniquely American art form, jazz.  The French adore le jazz.  Tomorrow is the fifteenth anniversary of Ella Fitzgerald's passing.  Arlette remembers well seeing the First Lady of Swing several times at the annual jazz festival held here every summer in Juan les Pins.  Summer is here again and thankfully, we still have Ella.

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