samedi 9 juillet 2011

Jules le boxer

Jules Parker, 2000 - 2011

He was gorgeous, smart, gentle and so loyal.  He loved music, he loved to dance and he loved to play - all his life. He could smile and when he did, it made us smile in turn. Eating was always a pure pleasure and he could vacuum a floor of crumbs better than any machine.

He raised his little "sister", Capucine, like he had read the how-to book on little siblings - always patient, knowing just when she was ready for the next step. He loved her dearly and protected her fiercely.

A better friend with a bigger heart would be hard to find.
We celebrate his life.

2 commentaires:

  1. he was one of the finest dogs we ever had the pleasure to know and we will all miss him deeply and send our sympathy and love to you all. xxoo hank, cindy & caleigh

  2. On pense a vous et on vous embrasse
    Romane et Thierry