lundi 15 août 2011

Events sur la Côte d'Azur et couleurs qui claquent

We are mid-summer, la Côte d'Azur has been packed with concerts, music festivals, patrimoine events, art exhibits, theater in the streets, sailing shows, etc.  Fall will soon be there and with it more festivities, cooler and yet beautiful weather, and quieter life in the streets of the old Town:
l'Art Contemporain et La Côte d'Azur will be here until November 7, Les Orchestres en Fête en France will be November 1 to November 27, La Fête du Miel this October 1st and 2nd , La Fête de la Châtaigne in every village in October. And, of course, later on, The Nice Carnaval between February 17 and March 4, la Fête du citron à Menton February 17 to March 7, la Fête du Mimosa à Mandelieu between February 17 and February 26, la Foire aux Santons Provençaux à Bormes les Mimosa  December 3 and 4.

But since we are still enjoying summer, lets get our fill of gorgeous colors and pictures
Photograph from Anna Williams
Photo de Pays des Merveilles
Photo de Ulrika Ekblom
Photo de Pinterest
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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